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Thomas DeFreitas

Between these years — a Life —
Of unobtrusive Fame —
Of nameless Notoriety —
Anonymous — Renown —

Gathering gemlike Accidents
Of primness and panache —
A coruscating heaven's-worth
Of Treasures — in the Mesh —

A canticle of Lazarus
That makes a poor soul rich —
A Wealth of Sound — a golden Trove —
That hallows Avarice —

A talent for the Sparrow —
A farthing for the King —
Such prodigal Economies
And saintly Reasoning!

Your ardent Chill — engenders —
A realm of Light beyond
The World we know — of Task and Tears —
Of Thorn and Scorn — and Wound

Your cloistered Ecstasies possess
A foretaste of the Next
Illimitable brilliancy
Undimmed — and unsurpassed –